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5-Key Procurement Cost Reduction Strategies

Merging several information technology solutions into a unique and streamlined platform requires a lot of work and effort upfront. Businesses can choose to store critical data in private environments while utilizing the public cloud for less sensitive data and applications. In addition to this, hybrid cloud solutions are incredibly scalable. They allow for easy resource upgrades to better adjust to your business requirements. It is crucial to choose a cloud provider that can help you build the right platform to meet your needs.

cost reduction strategies

When you think about cost reduction techniques in project management, you should consider distributing high-skilled resources across all projects. First, this will minimize the need for hiring expensive independent contractors. Second, this will provide a unique opportunity for other team members to get valuable professional guidance. Keep in mind that team-oriented and forward-looking tactics are always rewarded in future projects. While IT cost reduction can get complicated for many the above-mentioned strategies can help you to strategize the IT cost budget.

Often, contracts existing from a long time can offer cost reduction opportunities. Reviewing contracts that were implemented two or three years ago can help achieve cost reduction. The economic situation at the time of drawing the contract could have been different and there might be a need for the contract reviewal. However, while challenging existing contracts, it is advisable for companies to determine cost-drivers and target negotiations based on the current market situation. Finding high-quality suppliers is one of the biggest procurement challenges that companies face today. Most companies select suppliers based on prices and fail to understand the role these suppliers can play in maximizing the performance of their organization.

Create a Budget

For example, to address the 35% drop in sales, a company should reduce operational costs by 20% within a one-quarter period. EY refers to the global organization, and may refer to one or more, of the member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity. Ernst & Young Global Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, does not provide services to clients.

cost reduction strategies

To learn more about the different options, check out 14 Cloud Cost Management & Optimization Tools. Devising procurement cost reduction strategy requires accurate data. Request a free proposalto know how our experts can help you with real-time insights. The result is another painful round of cost reductions when the next crisis hits.


Download our latest whitepaper now to understand more on supply chain trends and best practices to be resilient. Across-the-board cuts penalize the more efficient parts of your organization and can result in eroding important sources of value. The Value field of the Actual costs indicator will show the current level of costs reduction achieved for the selected period. And define the cost-saving thresholds that can be achieved without affecting critical functions.

Another tip for cost-cutting is to call your local electric company to have them run an electricity audit. This way, you can better understand how electricity is used at the office or at home. Apps like Connecteam and Toggl can track employee working hours and the time spent on jobs/projects.

  • Studies also show that remote workers are happier in their jobs and as a result, more effective.
  • Long term, these efforts should also improve the financial health of the organization, which is necessary to become more resilient to global market fluctuations.
  • Project managers may assign the highest skilled personnel to high-priority tasks.
  • Your organization’s strategy involves a lot, and many factors lead back to money.
  • Another tip for cost-cutting is to call your local electric company to have them run an electricity audit.

Management should know the ins and out of things such as property, supply, storage, utility, and administrative and supervisory expenses typically cost. They should weigh whether to buy or to rent to substantially cut down on costs. The situation is similar to getting a paycheck at the end of the month. There is the plan to save at least a small portion of the earning but some unprecedented expenses later and you notice that you are back to square one. It is essential to keep the business running as usual while making these critical changes.

Accurate  data

Cultural and political barriers often impede successful optimization. Make sure stakeholders understand and buy into the process for selecting and prioritizing cost actions and that the approach to cost decisions is consistent. Build, validate and socialize a justifiable business case that builds shared approval for investment priorities.

Something from a Goodwill store or garage sale will do the trick. Compare insurance providers to reduce the costs of insurance, and then ask your current provider to match the rate. Everything you and your employees need is available at your fingertips. Boost your social media presence by choosing the right platform for you.

But executive leaders must still commit to evolving cost management so that scarce resources and funds consistently flow to the most valuable business outcomes. Tracking optimization initiatives is not easy, but there are ways to use technology to follow them from conception to completion. For example, impact-management software can track plans and follow up on initiatives; by connecting with company data, it is possible to track if targets are being met.

Cost-saving Ideas For Restaurants

This is because most cost-cutting strategies are short term and fail to preserve the behavioral change required for smart spending decisions in the future. Use this to your benefit by going around for vital services – or simply threatening to shop around at the right time. With this cost reduction strategies, you can find insurance firms offering hefty discounts or bonuses to clients who make the leap from rivals. Balance the cost reduction strategies above with passive energy-saving measures.

cost reduction strategies

This simply doesn’t mean outsourcing risks – or that a company’s responsibility ends once the product is sold. Knee-jerk action to reduce costs can have unintended consequences for the longer-term health of your organization. Only 6% of organizations consistently invest in growth opportunities without creating excessive complexity.

Build a cost-conscious culture by winning management support for cultural change and through ongoing training, starting with new employee onboarding. With a bit of focus and determination, procurement can make a massive impact in terms of slashing costs and uncovering new value for the organization. Analyze and determine which products aren’t selling and decrease their production. Having slow-moving stock leads to financial losses, since the goods take up space and can even spoil over time. Therefore, it is very important to know some cost reduction strategy examples that can be applied in your business. If you have two services that sell well, their profits could mask a third service costing your business money.

Reduce logistics and freight costs

In cases of dismissal, it’s very important to do a detailed analysis in each case. Define whether the costs involved in terminating contracts are really worth it. So only hire someone if the position is really essential at the moment. And, if the role does not match a routine business activity, hiring outsourced employees may be a better option. If you want to create an excellent plan, you might ask for help from your accountant or finance team. They’ll have more knowledge about the expenses that most affect you so that you can meet your financial goals.

How Lean Procurement Can Lower Costs and Add Value

There are plenty of strategies you can deploy to cut expenses without cutting your staff or benefits. There’s more to cutting costs than leaving the creamer out of the break room. Serious expense reduction requires serious cost reduction strategies thought and an organized approach so that you’re can reduce waste without impacting the quality of your services and products. Finally, if your company needs to reduce costs, let your team know about this need.

Ultimate Guide to IT Procurement

In addition to this, you receive software updates faster and will have access to several support options which reduces your dependency on one application. If you want some extra security measures, hybrid cloud solutions can help you in attaining them. Hybrid servers distribute the workloads between public and private clouds, making it a better option for your business. Cloud services also give a competitive advantage, as most companies are now busy leveraging the power of this advanced technology.

To avoid such situations, organizations can strategize the hiring of new employees such as hiring new talents and encouraging more internships. Hiring a lesser number of resources from offshore is also a value proposition. Choosing the cheapest freelancer isn’t always the wisest option to reduce costs. But it’s better to pay someone once for high-quality work than to pay someone over and over to fix it.

Gartner research shows that while most CFOs have been relying on pricing-focused strategies to offset inflation, 39% will zero in on cost cutting if inflation remains persistently high in 4Q22. That will soon turn into explicit demands for rapid cost cutting. Use Una’s free cost savings calculator tool and see just how much you could be saving by partnering with us. The tool gives you an instant estimate based on real contract terms and savings realized by actual Una members.

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